pain into love

Hi! I’m Ana Espinosa, Transformational Coach, specialized in grieving processes, loss, change and resilience.

My purpose is to help you to transform every grieving process – change, loss, pain or obstacle – into light and learning, and that you may connect with the significant life you deserve.

>> The key is to understand that throughout difficulty there is an opportunity for growth and acceptance of situations, without resistance. <<

I am a strong, courageous, curious and a resilient woman. As many do, I live one day at a time, walking with my head held high when my mind allows it, or sometimes crawling if needed, yet always moving forward.

My history put atyour service

I’ve led a life that many would describe as complex: divorced from my first marriage, widowed from my second one, single mother, housewife and entrepreneur. My years have been filled with obstacles, crisis, change, loss, grieving and pain, but my passion for life has allowed me to see every situation as an opportunity to re-design myself.

I’m a clear example of how one can be re-born after having lost, I’m the living proof of how you can get up and keep going each and every time, no matter what happens to you.



My emotional growth started with eating disorders. I was overweight as a child and suffered bulimia through my  adolescence. My soul was full of pain and anguish.

For a long time, I dreamed of feeling light, to be able to get rid of all of the heaviness. Little by little, I learned that there is a close relationship between the management of my emotions and healthy weight. It was not the physical weight that was stopping me and filling me with insecurities; but rather the way in which I was processing what was happening to me. 

I needed to let go of what didn’t serve me, learn to love myself and accept the woman I am. Only this way, little by little, my soul was transformed and liberated from the darkness that accompanied me for so many years.

Being overweight goes well beyond what you eat, and it’s directly related to your emotions and thoughts. 

I am grateful to have acquired the tools that I have today.  As a result of this, today I have a program that helps keep me healthy, comfortable with my body and my self-image. 

I’ve incorporated acceptance and gratitude into my life, and I’m committed to living in acceptance and gratitude every single day.

Rock bottom.

At age 26 I was a divorced woman and mother to a 3 year-old daughter. At a very young age I learned that life is not always what one would expect, and the only way to move forward is by letting go of the expectations and what once was, and mainly accepting what is today.  

When I was 30 I fell in love again and got married with a wonderful man, a gentleman, my best friend and accomplice, Paco. We were a great couple and I thoroughly enjoyed being his wife, watching him shine on his path and accompanying him every step of the way. Sadly, Paco suffered from heart problems; his health was always a matter of concern, but yet it was not an impediment for us to enjoy our days to the maximum.

We built a family together, in addition to our first-borns from our previous marriages, we decided to have 2 more kids. For a long time, we lived in a privileged situation, till my husband lost his job.

Sometime after this event, he received another job offer. We sold and gifted all our belongings, left our country and our extended family to move to Madrid with our children, seven suitcases and our two dogs.

We never imagined what life would have in store for us. Reality was different to our expectations. The hope of a promising business vanished. The intense worry, joined with Paco’s frail health, was more than what his heart could bare. He had a third heart attack and died. I had to let go of love of my life.


Now I live in a beautiful country, but far from my own. Once again, I found myself as a single mother and dealing with the absence of my life partner.

Today, I live one day at a time, but with more tools than ever before, and I use them to wake up every morning.

Giving up is not an option, letting my guard down is unthinkable. In Spain I discovered a new opportunity, different from the ones I’d foreseen. I was able to see the possibility for rebirth from the core. I showed myself that I can always start again no matter how many times I’ve lost.

Today I understand that the ups and downs of life are only teachings. Each event has become an experience that has filled me with knowledge about myself, about the difficulties that present themselves and the options that exist to solve them. In each stage I’ve reflected, written and studied. Today I choose to be of service to others and to accompany you through your process.

Today I’m ready to share with you everything that I’ve learnt throughout all of these years

To accompany

you gives me purpose

Being there to accompany you has brought back sense into my life. Today, after all I’ve learnt, I want to be there for you so that you can go through your grieving process, changes, loss, so you’re able to be reborn and accomplish your goals.

I’m here to accompany you to transform pain into love, and for you to connect with the significant life you deserve. 

For many years I was a full-time mother. I dedicated myself to studying, writing and preparing in subjects such as food and nourishment, family relationships, personal development and ontological coaching. I hope to share what I’ve learnt in the near future and that future is now.

I wish to share with you my personal story, written words, training programs, learnings and studies, to help you connect with the life you dream of having.


Guided meditation


Practice of Gratitude”is a free tool that’s been prepared for you to recognize all the blessings that enrich your life, so you may connect with the energy of deserving.

When you transform your perspective and focus on what you do have in life, you come closer to what you wish to see and tune in with all the light and abundance.