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Lovely to meet you! I’m Ana Espinosa, Transformational Coach, specialized in grieving processes, loss, change and resilience.

My mission is to accompany you in finding lightness in situations of change, and in knowing how to accept the difficulties in life without resisting them.

Here you’ll find all the consulting and training programs that I’ve designed especially for you. This is my opportunity to put all I know, every loss, every tear, every learning, at your service.

Because if I can do it, so can you.

Individual assessment

Ontological Coaching

I offer a one on one assessment in an intimate and close space, where together we’ll explore processes of self-development, growth and personal transformation to amplify your vision of reality; incorporating new abilities and possibilities.

Objectives we can work on in sessions:

a) Relationship strengthening
b) Conflict solving
c) Unlocking beliefs that prevent us going for our dreams / objectives
d) Understanding new possibilities
e) Amplifying your capacity for action


I. Minimum cycle of 6 to 9 sessions (defined at the beginning depending on what needs to be worked on)
II. Frequency: weekly
III. Duration of 1 hour
IV. Online/virtual modality

A process of reflection and creativity, based on mutual trust and respect.

To be able to achieve a life that aligns with what you really need, it’s necessary to stop for a moment, look within, reflect, and then act.


Healing my Body

Based on 25 years of my own experience, this online program consists of 12 sessions.  Either in a group setting or individually, we’ll submerge in a process of comprehensive change to the way you take care of your physical, emotional and spiritual self.  You’ll develop new abilities, train and put them into practice.  You’ll implement new habits that will actively contribute to your wellbeing and tranquility. 

According to the National Eating Disorders Association of the United States, it’s of utmost importance to incorporate tools that will allow us to be healthy in all areas of our life.  It’s not enough to be young and slim, it’s also important to take care for our mental and emotional world as well. 


  • Reconnection with one’s own body, especially to experience hunger and the need to satiate.
  • Anxiety control
  • Reconciliation with body image
  • Develop the capacity to name emotions
  • Shed awareness on mass media communication about self-image and it’s effects
  • Learn to exercise in a healthy way
  • Understand how to make: requests, declarations, offers, promises.
  • Learn to say YES and to say NO
  • Accept the woman I am. Open to the experience of self-discovery and stop comparing myself to other women.
  • Awareness of the here-and-now through Mindfulness.
  • Learn Meditation for stillness and peace.

My objective is for you to let go of what doesn’t serve you to lighten your soul, to drop that which inhibits enjoyment in your life.


The Resilient Me

The best remedy for loss is to love oneself, the closeness of those who love us and the company of those who’ve gone through similar situations.

This 12 session online program can be done in a group of 10 people or individually; I’ll provide information and tools that will allow you to go through this process of change, loss or grief and guide you towards rebirth. 

In this process I offer:

  • Understanding: what grief means and the normal reactions to these situations.The impact of un-resolved grieving processes.  You’ll have space to share the diversity of emotions that may come along the way.  We’ll cover the myths around grieving and the way we express it socially.
  • Acquire simple tools to improve your energy, improve concentration, bring peace, navigate through grief with exercises that can help you feel relaxed and alleviated in your day to day life. 
  • Information for you to make good decisions in moments of change, loss and grief. 
  • Recuperate your trust in life and gain a new sense of life. 
  • Accept that it’s normal to feel a mixture of emotions. 

Grief Recovery Method

Educational Program.

Recognized by the American Journal of Health Education.

Learn this method which is used to be able to face the pain of emotional loss. Curiously, grief doesn’t only happen due to the death of a loved one or sentimental breakups, sometimes a loss that can seems insignificant upstages other areas in the life of the individual and it can be hard to overcome. This is precisely what this method entails, to recognize and reclaim any type of loss.

In 7 sessions, I’ll provide practical information for you to resolve the grieving process you may be going through, providing:

  1. Comprehension of grief
  2. Understanding of the emotions
  3. Myths of grieving
  4. Practical tools: through written exercises and reading we’ll navigate through and find closure for change, loss and grieving processes.

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My purpose is that you may connect with the life you deserve

This is why I can offer my time to listen to you attentively in a private courtesy session,
where you’ll be able to share your personal story with me,
and I’ll provide all the information you need about my services,
methodologies and way of working that may serve you.


Guided meditation


Practice of Gratitude”is a free tool that’s been prepared for you to recognize all the blessings that enrich your life, so you may connect with the energy of deserving.

When you transform your perspective and focus on what you do have in life, you come closer to what you wish to see and tune in with all the light and abundance.