Connect with
significant life

Transforming (oneself) is the capacity to take what exists and make something new and different with it.

The emotions that come up in painful moments may actually be in favor of what you want to accomplish. If you lost it means you’ve had, so there is a possibility that you may connect with gratitude, and modify what is not working for you today to transform pain into love.

My purpose is to help you connect with the life you deserve.

I am Ana Espinosa,
Transformational Coach,

Specialized in processes of change, loss, grief and resilience. I’m here to accompany you in the journey of transforming your pain into love, so that you may connect with the significant life you deserve.
My experience proves that it’s possible to re-design yourself, to be reborn, even after living situations of extreme pain. The possibility to connect with a deeper sense in life has been a valuable tool. “Light in situations of pain”.
My commitment to you is based on trust and mutual respect.
We all have the capacity to overcome adversity, but the firm decision to use this capacity is what really makes us resilient.
To learn from a life challenge you feel you don’t deserve… To use humor when something doesn’t go well… Looking at the positive side of any situation… It isn’t easy to do, but can we learn to do it? The answer is yes, each person can do so at their own rhythm and with their own personal style.

My services

I invite you to walk with me for you to develop new skills, possibilities and growth, so that you can connect with the deep, significant life you deserve.



I provide private, one on one sessions that provide company through processes of self-development and personal transformation to expand our vision of reality.



Private or group sessions.
Your choice.

This 100% virtual program is for women who want to heal the relationship with their physical, spiritual and mental body. I will accompany you in the process of developing soft skills and thus achieve a fully healthy body.


Private or group sessions.
Your choice.

This program has been created from my own life experience. I’ve been through situations of grief and loss, which have taught me a lot. I invite you to shed light on these situations of pain to transform yourself into a resilient being.



In this method we seek to face pain and emotional loss; such as the death of a loved one, divorce, loss of health or of a job. In the shortest time possible, regain your inner peace and fullness in life.


Guided meditation


Practice of Gratitude”is a free tool that’s been prepared for you to recognize all the blessings that enrich your life, so you may connect with the energy of deserving.

When you transform your perspective and focus on what you do have in life, you come closer to what you wish to see and tune in with all the light and abundance.